yanneng: (pic#976488)
2011-11-01 12:56 am

sometimes i do nothing

I think I understand how it's like to feel numb now. I feel so apathetic. I have a test tomorrow and I don't feel anything. It seems like it's futile already, like it's set in stone. This is not true. I haven't reminded myself yet that almost all my test results aren't back yet and who knows? Maybe I haven't done as badly for my project as I thought I would have. Maybe there's still hope. But man do I feel apathetic.

I would like to thank [personal profile] kath_ballantyne for letting me use one of her codes (I'm assuming she's a she, just because there seems to be so many girls on journaling sites and I'm one of the few guys here.)

I don't know if I would still like to use livejournal. I've all or most of my friends there so... I don't know.